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Kissing the Jackalope

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About the Girl

Call it Christa;

I'm a librarian, aspiring writer and amateur photographer hailing from Toronto, Canada. My passion lies with books of any kind, and I am fortunate enough to have such an amazing experience within the realm of library work.

I would love to travel, mostly to places like Scotland and Ireland, which are part of my heritage. Finland is another place that I would love to explore. Bunnies give me strength and happiness each and every day. If there is one thing that makes me smile, it's rabbits. My religion is my way of life; I am a Christian witch, though I have a mostly spiritual outlook. Spirituality means a lot to me, and I have learned a great deal over the years from various research and teachings. I try to meditate a few times a week as well.

My life is inspired by Joel Osteen. I wouldn't call myself a "born-again" Christian, but reconnecting with my faith recently has brought my life to a new level, and my happiness is all thanks to Joel. His words inspire me to be a better person, and his positivity has restored my faith in myself.

I am not new the world of LiveJournal. I decided to create another account in the hopes of making new friends and exploring new communities. I adore meeting new people, so please drop me a line and say hi if you wish. Leave a comment on my intro post and I'll let you in <3

*None of the photos used as journal headers belong to me unless otherwise stated.